Kalimat Anghami
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رساله الى نفسي

دان ذا مان  (٢٠٢١)

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سموني Lion of Babylon
Im tha one of tha 7 wonders phenomenon ay
Try all you want i will never fall ay
Im an autobot you decepticon ay 
Im a real one you’re fake everyday 
G O A T of this fucking rap ay 
محد بيكم يكد ياخذ هذا مني ay 
راجع تاريخي im tha one who paved tha way 

وياما ناس 
ظنيتهم لي اخوان 
جنت الهم ملجأ بالشده صارولي بطريقي نار 
بس ما أستغرب man fuck it 
الدنيا تمشي 
كلها تريد تاخذ منك بس محد يفكر ينطي 
Now don’t blame me 
When i say all of you fake 
Im tha realest mothafucka that you will ever face 
فلا تلموني cuz im done with tha fake 

Man Im tired of this shit 
I can’t take it no more 
And i know yall hate me cuz 

I can sing 
I can rap 
And write my own songs 
I can see tha jealousy 
That got you all torn 
You can do what i can do? Huh? 
You dead wrong 
Im tha throne 
You cant reach 
السلم too long 

ومن اغني 
خاتل وتسمع لفني 
ما محتاج احد يفهمني 
ساكن بالقمه وحدي 

Tha price for tha life that im living
Yall just cant afford 
I’d rather live my moments 
You might miss them 
Try and press record 
Made it to tha top of tha building 
And i aint skipped a floor 
Still tha same person 
Tha same guy that you knew before 
Made it from tha bottom i did it 
I took it overboard 
Im tha key to every success 
Man i opened doors 
If anybody tell you different 
You might need a different source 

Live for what you dying for