Kalimat Anghami
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سوبر ستار

زينة الشاذلي  (٢٠٢٠)

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I dream of having pretty cars 

Be a superstar

Leader queen of war

Never wanted it to be me

This empty, empty

Would you please help me?

دماغى ساحت فسواد الليل، شفت الويل

مش سايبه كلمه تعدى غير برد فعل

مستفز، مستعد

يدافع عن كل شئ غريب

جوايا حاسه بيه

مش عارفه ابطل 

اتكلم كلام يلغبط

محبوس جوايا كلام يكسر

ازاى الخص

كلام سنين

عدو فساعتين

اللى جى كتير مش هحس بيه

Cause you believe in me

And that's all i need

I dream of having pretty cars

Be a superstar

I'm a queen of my war

Never wanted it to be me

Right now I'm empty

Sticks and stones may break my bones

But I'd rather you tear me down to my core

كل يوم ارجع اعيد

و ارمى ايدى على الإيد

و كل يوم ارجع اميل

و اقابل همى فالطريق

ويلى ويلى ويلى

حروف جوه بعضيها

بكون جمله مش مفيده

ازاى هكمل باللى انا فيه ده

صحابى بيقولولى therapy لا

حستنى ضعت وقعت فدوامه

People looking at me confused and

They don't understand that i keep on losing

My baby got a new friend

The next that he be choosing

The next bitch that he be using

You must be fucking kidding me nah

Nah I ain't choosing

What I'm blooming

In my head a sound booming

I'm fuming but I'm chilling back cruising

I keep on bluesing and tuning

All of the thoughts in my head

I keep on dying from the monsters under my bed

All that is killing me is all i am

None of the less, none of the less

That's me

And I'm depressed

Og in oppressed

All that I'm saying is i am stressed

Now y'all can't comprehend

 all that i just confessed

I wrote this at the top of my head

No you can't bother me cause now I'm as free as the wind

I dream of having pretty cars

I'll be a superstar

I'm a queen of my world

But you wouldn't wanna be me

I'm already empty

And you can't help me