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Sold Souls

JBak  (٢٠٢٠)

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Lemme tell you about a guy whose life is nuttin’ but a lie
He made a million people cry
Now he wants to say a while longer than he said he’d try
And we the people are the child, he fucks hard with a steel knife. 
Our lives depend on his life.
I'd be selling my soul to the devil, ain’t no trouble, I’m living in a bubble, I tackle, you stumble, I buckle up, you mumble, I be static in my zone, electric vibe, no phones. 
I got nothing to support, got nothing to condone
We’re being watched everywhere, drones
People dying on the street
Kids dying for a piece of meat
I ain’t no coward, I never ran away from the ban of freedom of speech 3ayez a3eesh
But I gotta shut up, hands down, feesh tashbeeh, I’m cutting deep 
We’re wounded, we’re put to sleep, but we’re playing for keeps
We’re thrown down to the grave in bed sheets, everything disappears, like you got no one, no peers, no peace, don’t cheat, don’t peek, don’t wreck, don’t be a dick, no pricks, more bricks, less tricks, less pics, more checks, less texts, more jobs, to get the people worked up, to get the people worn out, enjoy the drought, no doubt, what’s up? Think you’re tough? Not enough? Get the handcuffs! Kids at school getting their minds stuffed, reverse, I gotta go first, I gotta quench my thirst, I gotta do this shit, I gotta do it right. I gotta get mine, I want 10, not nine. I want a Benz not a fine, I heard through the grapevine, that the man is a landmine, gonna explode anytime, either by himself or the people that are lying, got a dime? Spare it for a rainy day, cuz there are many rainy days nowadays, it’s a phase, I’m amazed, unfazed, got my name glazed with some gold 
Set a date, I said it straight, I make my own fate