Kalimat Anghami
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وقف جنبي (ايد بايد)

جورج ربيع جي آر  (٢٠٢٠)

141 إستماع | 13 إعجاب

let me tell u the story/ how it was and how it is/how we are and how it is/still and will be in the future/ there will always be a backwards mover/nomatter how much we manouver/we try to stay real and we try to change/ we try to speak the truth and break the chains/but the stains cover the whiteness/ we see the stains but we dont seek any one to whipe this/ whether we do or dont like this/ i try to remember at times i try to miss/ truth hurts so bad, as sometimes would a kiss/but let's see it as it is/ look at the wars every year launching/ it causes us nightmares in every dream haunting/ killing everyday just to eat/ and stealing from the poor and try to feed/ the other poor who need the food indeed/ the time speed is increasing/it might be cheereful but few are becomming descent/and what's rescent wont last long/ sometimes i speak normally but at times we need a song to keep us strong/ nomatter how painful it can be/ i'll stand by ur side and i'll need u to stand by me....


Do u understand what i'm telling ya
How could u turn ur face to this
The sound of screams are telling ya
but u've no care, no problem to witness
Blood is sold, food is thrown and the world's still racing
like the race of a mother's heart
dropping ashes as it burns for what it's facing
That's just one part
Your ring's shiny
as u sit in front of ur plazma TV
watching this all go down
Tomorrow's not defenite
Now how does that sound?
u scared bout ur kids and ur family
how bout the ones who dont have that
for the reason of ur greed and vanity
Still u aint taking it back


Stand By Me
& I'll stand by you
Hand in Hand
as we walk this world together


and still u ain’t takin’ it back / the screams are blowin’ ur ears / screams of humble poor mothers, livin’ in fear / the fear to lose who’s dear / coz they feel how near / death is / but u still have no problem to witness / what the risk is / the risk of havin’ childhoods no more / the fear of havin’ no food then throw ur kids out the door / yes world, I’ve seen much / I’ve seen dead bodies enough to fill up trucks / is it my luck ?? / that I’m still livin’ till now / yes you can stop the wars but u act u don’t know how / people in the world are dyin’ silently / n’ I guess it’s all becoz ur greed and vanity / but deeply I’m sad to see wut I see / I’m sad to hear wut I hear / I wish people can survive one day without having anything to fear / so stand by me , and I’ll stand by you and we will stand firmer than ever together / then we’ll see things more clear/ so stand by me and I’ll stand by u, whether u do or don’t need me to. 

Asania 4th verse :

I'm forcing myself to understand
but none of these actions make sense
and here all alone I stand
The world's gone mad and I have no defence
are u victimized?... or even brutalized?
and they still blame u
For what u are, what u say
no one watches them, yet they watch u everyday
Gotta play it hard
coz nothing comes easy
we struggle at start
but we end it with dignity
we fight to live but u fight to win
it doesnt matter if ur chances are thin
maybe oneday u will understand
that we're dying to live
cant u see this?
everything has lost it's innocence
coz still u aint takin it back


Stand By Me
& I'll stand by you
Hand in Hand
as we walk this world together