Kalimat Anghami
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عطني بيز

ميمو كات  (٢٠١٩)

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You ain't gotta be rich (no), you ain't gotta be fine (nah)
Go and get that coin (go on), all you need is style (okay)
Swankin' all these bitches (oh), can't believe your eyes (what?)
Ain't got no vision (no), I'm just too fly-e-y-e
You don't gotta be nice (na), you don't gotta be smart (no)
When you look like me (go on), you're a fuckin' star (alright)
Drop top, G-Wagon (aye) traffic in L.A. (uh-huh)
I still get paid (when) when I show up

Tell me that I'm crazy (crazy), tell me that I'm Wild (Wild)
This kinda' persona (ah) never outta style

Half of my closet still got the tags 
That's how I like it , nothin' comes back