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Hater Story

او ام زي  (٢٠١٩)

139 إستماع | 4 إعجاب
Faker akher mara 7ad 2aly eny fashel… embare7
 Msh mohem meen w leh 2al kda, el mohem eny msame7
 El mohem eno mabasesh f 3eny lma 2alha 
 2lha b hzar el hwa “ana hrmiha w lw nase7 efhmha”
 Akeed assar fya wa 2ela mkntsh gbt serto fil oghnya 
 bs el aktr eno se3eb 3alaya
 se3eb 3lya lama 3ereft eno mbysm3sh gher aghanya fl 3rbya
 Every living hater has a tragic story (tragic story)
 Keep in mind that haters are the ones who shine your glory
 “Sa3b 3alek”
 “bos 7awel twsl enta kwys bs el ffkra en ana a3rf nas kteer abl kda 7awlo w m3rfosh”
 “bos emkniatak msh ad kda”
 “7awel tany”
 “khalik wara enta fih da”
 “3omrak ma htwsl le el enta 3awzo”
 Come and get it if you ever doubt
 Come and test my patience I promise you’ll black out
 International national Mr. Fashionable
 Cuz all over the globe I’m well known for my ultimate skills to dress up
 You could measure your success by counting up your haters 
 Cuz all these blood suckers feed off you failing 
 They keep building barriers and burn up when you make it 
 Or break down the high walls without any contemplating
 But you got to be patient but you got to be heinous 
 If you want to be famous, can’t feel no pain or complaining
 Free life lessons but it’s not an obligation
 Teachers always made me feel like I’m alienated 
 Teachers only “shhhh” you till you get to graduation
 Tried to get me leashed so I would get an ovation 
 Born and raised in the city of thirst
 Where your closest ones be the ones to envy you first
 Where the only reason you work is you want to be versed 
 Where your secrets are always out there revealed and heard
 Once you feel mature, you will learn when to flirt
 You will learn that haters only hate cuz they’re insecure
 Once you feel the burn and conceal concern 
 Only then you will earn the greatness that you’ve yearned