Kalimat Anghami
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او ام زي  (٢٠١٩)

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 I remember… I remember
 I remember when you thought I was good to you,
  and next day you bailed
 I remember when you slammed the door so hard 
 that the door knob fell
 I remember time and place for every mistake 
 I remember the shaming games you insisted on playing
 I remember that your birthday is in May
  but still I was ready from November
 I rememberkol 7aga khalitiny ageb-halik wenty 3omrik ma akonty me7tag
 I remember lesanik el taweel w albik el bakheel 3alaya 
 2aloly sebha! I remember! olt mesh fahmeen dol 7aqdeen 3alaya
 I remember our long walks 
 and strong talks that started fading out
 After your heart stopped and mind started to take over now
 I remember your queen-like taste
  or was it your tooth past
 I remember you smelled nice too
  even after we played and chased
 leh mesh shayef enena 3omrna ma etf2na? 
 ezay msh bayen
 I remember you saying that cuz
  I remember everything
 I remember lama el bena maat
 still remember
 I remember lama sotna kan 3aaly fil sokat
  I remember
 I remember how you dressed on date night
  insecure that you might somehow
 Stumble on your ten centimeter heels
  and embarrass yourself, right
 I remember your father’s tone 
 when I tried to approach him
 And I remember your voice on the phone
  crying and choking
 Still talking about how we should move on and 
 ni7awel nensa
 Ni7ot kol 7aga fi sandoo2 zekrayat madfoon
  be3eed and never to remember
 I remember you nagging me about checking out
  more of Lil Wayne and Drake
 And I tried my best to enjoy their tones
  I remember both sounded the same
 Do you remember men sana zy delwa2ty et2abelna
 Do you remember when the haters couldn't get mabena
 Then I remembered that I never loved you
  and that you were never there
 Needed or not you bailed
 Good thing I remember my tale