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Daddy K  (٢٠١٩)

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Imma call my shooter he gon pull up with his matic, when a nigga think he wanna be tough

Come on babygirl let me fucking do my magic, call your girl we can have a threesome

Stacking all this bread you can say that im a addict, yeah I grind i just put my feet up

Driving so fast got 200 on the dash yeah, yeah a nigga really wanna meet god

Playing hard to get but she gon end up on my mattress, take my time baby i wont speed up

You can never stop me little nigga im relentless, making money you can never keep up

You can never keep up yeah
Never try to reach me im on top yeah
I used to be nothing now im up here
Catch me anywhere up on the atlas 

Imma take my momma everywhere up on the atlas, only need my momma baby I don't need love

They say that success be turning me into a savage, im not a savage but i just can't easily trust

Never got invited now my name on every guestlist, slept on me now you really wanna meet up

And your baby coming over we gon watch some netflix and we both know that i dont got this shit installed on

[Funny vine skit]

Imma take my momma everywhere up on the atlas
Imma call my shooter he gon pull up with his matic
I upgraded imma fucking pull up with a baddy

شوفتها فالحفلة بتاعة الnew year اللي فاتت
قولت اجيب نمرتها بس بعدين قولت فاكس

عيني علي القمر اتسحلت و قمت ساكت
كل الناس بترقص و انا واقف جوة ثابت
مطلبتش حاجة بس تحس شكلي شارب
نورها زغلل عيني و مبقتش غيرها شايف

نور في عينايا 
عينايا زاغت
بصة عليا
وانا هارش

قمت طالع عالاستيدج و قمت ماسك
المايك و غنيت ولقيت الدنيا قامت

شغلي كله عالي
دماغي فالسحابة
كل الناس بترقص
بس في كأبة
لما الحفلة تخلص
بص كله سابك
عارف اني هصحي بكرة ناسي كل حاجة