Kalimat Anghami
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مالي مال

Moody Kablawi  (٢٠١٩)

20 إستماع |  إعجاب
I don't have any money yet I live with joy
That's the situation and through my music i prove my existence 
In this life, I fell but I keep getting up 
For whoever is listening, I've been fighting since my father was in jail
Everyday, I try to be
On the mic, without any income
Whatever i say, it just proves that I am
A survivor in this materialist world
I'm still a kid, but not a normal one
I'm walking through life and telling it to carry on

Life, carry on!
Life, carry on!

I'm walking through Hadar Street
Every two steps I check my belongings
People without a home
Every two steps someone asks me for money
Walking and enjoying my silence
People talking all at once
It's overwhelming, so I put my headphones on
As I walk faster towards my apartment
The humidity slows me down
If I'd stayed abroad, I might have found an opportunity that fits me
Without going out of my way
I stay who I am, everytime I wake up
In this land far away from my home and worries
So Life, carry on!

Life, carry on!
Life, carry on!