Kalimat Anghami
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2019 freestyle

sobhhï  (٢٠١٩)

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It's 1991 and I refuse to come wack
 Trying to find me off axis, steering
 DNA says I’m Afro-European
 That’s why my nose arched up the way your girl back is
 But I ain’t trying to make no babies, I’m just trying to practice
 Your girl fantastic, perfect score every song on my set list
 2019 NSF be on the checklist
 2019, same Nikes, same neckless
 We still here, we still reckless
 And if you got a s.o., recommend you protect it
 Leave her idle, nivo might come annex that
 Pope in the corner counting money, counting blessings
 If you got a little bump, Pope give out free lessons
 Badawi got the poker face to leave you stressing
 Badawi in the turning lane with your ex bitch
 Badawi the type to have your wifey undressing
 And I’m the type that got you booking sessions with your reverend
 Passive aggressive regressive
 Got you local boys so awkward anxious
 Hand out like a bitch for the benefits
 But we don’t give out coupons or fake affection
 Rare breed, loyal, and selective
 2019 it’s crispy, dripping sticky like it’s filo
 New recipe, new sauce, and new cheat code
 Fucking up these commas like an empty set infimum
 Fucking up these commas like divide it by a zero
 The difference is you cop Balenciagas and we copping something realer
 Penthouse Alexandria
 Half down, triple back...that's a re-up
 Don’t ever wanna see you snake asses dab me up
 Like “mabrook man”
 Fuck up outta here with that la’eem shit
 Bet if you confronted, you be on some “whatchu mean” shit
 Haven’t taken breaks since before my degrees and
 I’m not about to redirect attention to this weak shit
 Though I see it
 Salt y’all throwing in your stories on IG and
 The real ones know the real from the fake shit
 Never felt like I had a fam until this year and
 I’m grateful every single real one that took me in
 2018 nowhere near the destination
 2019 foot on the gas, no braking
 20/20 vision's what I pray to see these snakes and
 If you 21 and up, you could come through and shake it
 It's 1991 and I refuse to come wack