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إيزي نغم

Swish  (٢٠١٨)

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If you got an ill mind you can relate to that..
If you lost and kept fighting life follows you back
till you get it on (write) right nothings left but the pad
either kill it on rhymes or Tech and Sway on the mac - when it..

Keeps on - telling you - you were never meant to - believe - nothing -holds you down why only - prenup..
I'm tired from all the fake, free love

Ladies tell me what you really want, yeah! I know what you really want..
I be honest you take advantage and when I lie to you im still getting damaged so save me all that

Easy rubbin, easy rubbin
shorty wants me on that easy rubbin, easy rubbin..easy rubbin

So pitiful, but you let her go, thinking she know it all what an eatable
to me your fear has been a scene - played over - back eyes - peripheral - six seven eight nine senses - I feel it all - and you still can't pass your visuals
what a shame - you try so hard - that just shows me how easy you fittable
How easy you get provoked - fill a dose - P tighter like syllables
It took you all night
to come back with the right line
I had an EP done by that time with the sound measures for your ears to comprehend mine(mind), because.. all fights are fuel to my paper - flow - and my pen never lies

My way was your way in the first place cuz I used to calculate your feelings
now you got me less considerate being surprisingly - too much weight(wait) - for your moment - to elaborate - that rain(reign) - like prince waves -  genuine compliments - cuz the fake has taken over age - over sales - and being bold was rude im a different Gage

So save me all that easy rubbin, easy rubbin
Shorty wants me on that easy rubbin, easy rubbin

Ya Leil ya leil?

I'm in the sauce with the heat on - top! top!
Topping  mountains like a Cedar
Backwoods on my lap - put the beat - draw!
Pictures everybody in the field running Neymar!

Irresistible, till i die, undestructible, sh*t gets critical, but my drive got you(U) stiff and sore
Breath a little more, its mental pressure when you listen close
I don't see tomorrow but that dont mean you dont plan it forward

So save me all that easy rubbin, easy rubbin
Shorty wants that easy rubbin, easy rubbin