Kalimat Anghami
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Grand Tripoli

موباكي  (٢٠١٨)

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عطلنا عليهم شوية
but we're back

الساعة خمسة الفجر we on the highway (yeah), حرب و ضرب هذي طرابلس
But we still be doing our thing regardless, ain't nobody going as hard as this (yep)
هذي السرايا الحمراء man, your castles be made out of sand
And I got wyvio waves with me, wiping away all of your plans
But we feel good like this shit is all lovely, أسئلهم يقولو لك هذا وقتي
this how it is and how it must be, we taking over man هذا قصدي (nah)
made a song about nothing but still had something to say (yep)
yeah they call me a player but i ain't come here to play, we moving forward you just run in your place