Kalimat Anghami
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يلا برا

عباد  (٢٠١٨)

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‏يلا برا out the Door 

All your Feelings on the floor 

 don’t wanna talk to you no more 

Please don’t hit me up no more 

You ain’t a thing to me no more 

You digg’n hard for the dollar

you want the Gucci and the Prada 

You want that trip to Guatemala 

Sold your self for some Balenciaga 

Don’t act elevated 

Glad we never dated 

All your feelings double shaded 

Glad we never made it 

Even when I asked 

Answered not related 

Good job girl 

you just got me click bated

Is it the AP or the Rolli

That’s the only time you call me 

That’s the only time you on me 

Fake love you tryna show me