Kalimat Anghami
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لا يزال على قيد الحياة

Young Nerdy  (٢٠١٥)

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I'm still surviving, I'm still surviving, homie we still surviving, I'm out here still addicted to this Deset vice, I'm still out hear like, life is so nice, when i know they hate us, make no room for us, shove us out this world, I know, but we still surviving, still look good, in some, nikes Polo Ralph, it's funny how we still surviving, got a license but still anit driving, patience, I tell my self, it's all about the timing, but right now my family could use some finically silver lining,

mama said I'm a prince, but I rather hid and be a peasant, kisses by Morricans witches, allow me to ungift my present, Spainish Kings enhanced by presence, hot desert night, look to the sky, my heart embodied the moons crescent,

survivors from the American community, who's left, who's left, you can't comprehend the pain in my chest, how do I say I'm going kill all my enemies, using all extremities