Kalimat Anghami
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أدمليون  (٢٠١٧)

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I'm the type of niggah that will never ever sellout في هذي ال game
كلماتي من 3000 
ويا delivery من ال
مابا fame دام few of you appreciating my name
بتمني underground i'm bound here i rule it كأني Hades

1st Verse:
Freeky told me if you wanna be out there and on Television
treat yourself like a سلعة you be pushing hard and you gotta sell it
they gotta listen .. even if a muthafucka really don't want to
be on Instagram Snapchat and Twitter even open mics 1,2
but look we ain't going no where دام wackass MCs representing us
like a Syrian kid you only blowup if you leave بيتك man look at Russ
man who to trust when the media wants to profit from us
this is خارج النص shout out to Hassan aka BIG HASS
السلام عليكم this is Adamillion im willing
أذي كم واحد to save alot يعني good type of villain
عندي عمى ضد ال haters كأني devil of hell's kitchen 
call me Mathew coming at you ill hurt you without killing 

2nd Verse:
I don't need no fame I demand respect son
If عملة الـunder احترام 
انا Rich بس finna go and get some more
cause i deserve it , i earned it cause انا worth it
"تحب ال underage rappers?" 
اذن انت ياهل or a pervert 
I find it funny كيف simple rap بسرعة تلقاه ينتشر 
بس if you take your time with complex rhymes صعب جدا انك تنشهر !
Hmm.. who's fault is that? Is it the media's .. is it the fan's?
Is it the medium .. is it the land?
Nah احنا way too advance
damn man i feel like really جاينكم من
3K or beyond لازم اثقفكم and be warned
تحذير in a rap song
I fear the day that im gone ال scene would miss yaseen
see sincerely im doing this cause ive seen the future
and its been so أسود lately