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بلاك بينك II مجنون جدا بيك - ريمكس كوري شعبي

دي جي رزل  (٢٠٢١)

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I been known to kiss and tell
Send girls to wishing wells
If you're my man, I want you to myself
I know I'll have enemies
Long as you're into me
But I don't care 'cause I got what I need
Oh yeah
Need to get with the program
Boy, I keep you close like slow dance
Hit you with that red don't go there, no, no man
Met him then get him
I make sure we stay
Got the venom
To dead him
If he want a snake
I mean sneak
I mean play hide and seek
Know that I'm gonna find you
Make sure you get left or you leave
I saw you
And knew what I was trying to do
I had to play it real real smooth
And once I finally made my move
I went crazy over you (ah, ah)
Over you, only you (ah, ah)
I went crazy over you
Like e-e-e-e, e-e-e-e, e-e-e-e
Feels wrong but it's right, right
Blacked out, no night…