Kalimat Anghami
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Jagaban (Freestyle)

روكي  (٢٠٢٢)

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لا تسوي خوي
ما تعرفني
روكي بيفجر نووي
This Is Rocky 
King like loay
Not funny not Joey 
لا تسوي خوي
واللهي not سوي
اذا جيت بيقلب دوي
واذا جيت بيقلب عوي
Hey bi*ch try to stop me
خلك مسوي سابني
ما بيتعداني
وما بيقدر انه يتحداني 
Historical like ussr
you don’t even allowed to bar
Killer in every bar
You are always فار
Bro’s always on نار
سويت الي ما صار
Grime 2 step electronic 
ومكمل يا حمار
رمادي في رمادي
كاني ايامي
رابك كله عادي
اسطورة انا كاني سامي
فتى اسطورة معتمد
ما عندي اي شي لحد 
مبعبص لكل احد
وكل عدو الحين جحد

My track is so dirty 
I drop it on ph (po*n hub)
These drugs are not clean 
That’s not a ph (pharmacy)
I am killing this game
Just doing my heach 
Stop being so nerdy 
Stop being a bi*ch
Controlling this scene like airplane 
I am Sullivan 
So old but gold still doing the job 
Like Sullivan 
Doing my flow and looks easy it’s like Jackie chan
Owning this game I’m the boss just call me Rocky the jagaban
You are dork like Carlton 
I had it in ritz Carlton
In the middle like salton 
I do it in hard ton
Wallahi You so cute like dipsy 
Drinking dew fuck the Pepsi 
Just rapping about  نفسي
Dude forget about him خلنا نمشي