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بليڤر  (٢٠٢٢)

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Bet7sny - بتحسنى
Believer Band - Christian Hymns ( Worship )
بتحسنى و سامع اضعف كلمة ف صلاتى  
من وسط الدنيا انت شايفنى مابين ملايين 
إسمحلى انى المسك وإقبل تكون ف حياتى   
معرفش ايه كان واخدنى عنك سنين

غيرنى تانى انا عايز ارجع زى شخصى الأولانى 
غيرنى تانى 
وافضل فى حضنك راحتى فيك مش حد تانى
غيرنى تانى 

بتحبنى وكل اما بكبر يوم وياك
بحس انى لسة مولود بين ايديك
واذا كان فى وقت فات قصرت فيه معاك 
من النهاردة مش هبعد تانى عن عينيك
Verse 1:

You feel and listen even to the weakest word in my prayer

 among the world you see me between millions

permit me to touch you and accept to be in my life

I don’t know what took me away from you for years

 Chorus :

change me again I want to be the person I was before 

Change me again  

and to be on your lap , my comfort in you

Verse 2 :

You love me and each day I grow with you

I feel like I was born between your arms

 if there was time passed I've been delinquent with you

From now on I will never get away from you