Kalimat Anghami
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مونستر موون  (٢٠٢١)

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سمي الله سمي الله جينا الدنيا ودا معناه 
رعب مالينا فالارجاء 
نمنا صحينا وشوفنا الدان دان دانً
this is mdafukin Ma Ma mantra 
she was pushing to the devil inside 
i was keeping faith i was a master 
she didnt know shes fukin with a monster 
ama getting money  with a wanka 
god is here baby enjoy your karmaa 

im going home 
this is don 
this is dope 
this is war 
amr y fawzy this is war !!
we aint playin were the one 
حل القصه مفيش انكار 
كل الدنيا دي استهتار 
Manifestation in da sauce 
الحلم هيبقا حقيقه ونص