Kalimat Anghami
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Shaquees  (٢٠٢١)

إستماع |  إعجاب
My love for you it isn't enough why you play both side like we both still ain't living

I treated you with respect and kindness all I get in return is an order to stay The Fuck a way fuck man

All I was trynna do is apologize and tell you how I feel just know you gone see me again

Lock me up throw away key do what you have to do just know that I know I still be on yo mind

I Kno I'm crazy but I'll never do anything to hurt you shit you know that why you play like you scared

No body finna hurt you baby I love you words can't explain the trama Im goin through my love

I know we toxic shit come here lay yo ass down talk about it what's on yo mind communicate

I been thinkin about us this whole time shit crazy (it is) shit crazy (It Is)

Gabby I Love You

Man Words Can't Explain How Much I Love You Gabby

I Tried Everything, Everything Man

Like I Literally Cryin' In The Booth Right Now
Cause I Miss You Man Like

I Miss You Man