Kalimat Anghami
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اف او اف

عنتر ٩٧  (٢٠٢١)

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This fight ..or flight 

No body wanna me kill this night 

Warfare on ememis not be right 

Give me this fuck beat get backside

I will attack it ..

My king jacket..

Hello bebies let me ask you married 

They mix it all up in rappet

Hey fix my gun and then mad it

This is a war 

You made a freakin a bar 

Make it so breakin the hard 

Maybe me picking my gun 

Call it to doing the stun 

Call it to having the fun 

Wait ..for flight 

You gonna tapout for your life 

Shot diss in  shoutout not do rhyme 

Shot diss in his mouth now get wide 

What about hello 

Get back mego 

Hit the track in black pack lego

This is my crack at hack mac nikon

Hommie get back will give you melone 

What this mean ?

Fight or flight 

Hommie will get it this night