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Haneen Ghabra  (٢٠٢١)

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يا بابا

You tell me its cancer  under laughter                   
A disaster       

This pain of yours makes me wonder
 if you are describing the nakba or your cancer.        

  كلاهما بعيد عن وطنه..

               جسدك ساحة حرب.. 
بين المقاومة والاحتلال..
بين الوجود والتعايش.
حربًا مع السرطان..
الاحتلال.     X3.                              

Globalization has ripped us apart… 
from connecting... 

They colonized your body… they colonized the industry…..     

You seek treatment far away 

That is the price of globalization.   Exploitation….   

But where does this leave us?       

Can we resist a colonization 

Your body
Your body 
Your body is a battlefield…. 

        قاوم بابا